Expecting Perfection from Doctors is Bad Medicine


Here are simple tips to minimize the chances of mistakes in your diagnosis, treatment, and healthcare finances:

  1. Ask your doctor(s) questions about everything that you do not completely understand until you do understand.
  2. Find a primary care doctor who listens to you, you trust, and you can contact when needed.
  3. Request copies and keep your own medical records. Do not trust any insurance provider, Medicare, or health system just because they have a system that lets you access your information. Make copies, and/or make sure that your medical records are in a system that you control.
  4. Prepare for appointments with doctors by sharing your goals and questions with them at least 1 day before your appointment.
  5. Verify any abnormal medical tests with a second test. Labs make mistakes, too.
  6. When given any serious diagnosis do these two things; 1. ask if “based on my medical history and what you know about my circumstances, could my condition be something else?” and Get a second opinion.
  7. Always review your medical bills and ask for an itemized bill if anything looks suspicious. You will need an itemized bill to dispute any charges.

There is a lot of free, expert help available. Use it when you need it.

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