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Last Revised: 02/18/2018

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VOLUME 1:  Print ($5.95) / Digital ($1.95)

Table of Contents (free)
Introduction:  Protecting Your Interests (free)
Section 1:  You Are Your Best Advocate (free)
Section 2:  Learn to Listen to Your Body (Preview)
Section 3:  You’re Sick or Hurt…What Now? (Preview)
Section 4:  Working with Your Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid (Preview)
Section 5:  Finding Free and Low Cost Health Services (Preview)

VOLUME 2:  (Summer 2108)

Section 6:  Finding the Right Doctors and health Professionals (Preview)
Section 7:  Building & Leading Your Health Care Teams
Section 8:  Working with Your Doctors & Providers
Section 9:  Getting Second and Third Opinions
Section 10:  Learn Your Treatment Options
Section 11:  Choosing Treatments

VOLUME 3:  (Fall 2018)

Section 12:  Finding the Right Hospitals & Treatment Providers
Section 13:  Managing Healthcare During Care Transitions
Section 14:  Managing Healthcare Costs & Finding Billing Mistakes
Section 15:  Drugs & Vitamins
Section 16:  Keeping Your Personal Health & Medical Records
Section 17:  Staying Healthy
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