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One of the very best resources of  free help and financial assistance in the U.S. Get help navigating your health insurance, accessing treatments, appealing insurance denials, and connecting to care through the Patient Advocate Foundation, or call 800-532-5274. Go to for hundreds of links to free help with your healthcare.

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  1. my best friend was denied an opportunity to get a 2nd opinion, was ignored when requested to leave the hospital, was transferred to another island against his specific verbalized adamancy that he NOT be transferred, and drugged with precedex while the dr chose a medical decision maker for my friend. isnt this criminal and against all ethics in medicine? he was 26 years old, forced into open heart surgery, and died when they convinced his brother (whom had no ties to my friend, hadnt spoken to him in 3 years, and was the one dubbed his medical decision maker) to pull the plug. my friend survived 2 open heart surgeries, and was communicative just 2 days prior to his death. also the nurses called his father to tell him he had 48 hours left to live, and he died 48 hours later to the hour. is there anything i can do to get him justice? they cut out a valve in his heart and didnt replace it for 10 days. in the med rec it says they didnt expect him to make it to the 2nd surgery (replacement), which is why ECMO wouldnt support him between surgeries. they labelled him IVDU, but nobody checked his injection sites? while visiting him after the first surgery, i felt something on his left foot which turned out to be a huge abcess. so the infection wasnt from his heart, the source of infection was an abcess in his foot where he missed when he relapsed after we lost the baby 5 days prior to his admission to the hospital. but nobody said a thing about it and only drained it when i pointed it out. they had it covered with tape and the whole thing was very suspicious bc he asked me to pick him up the day they transferred him but they refused to let me see him once i got there or even talk to him, then transferred him anyway. hes dead and he was only 26 years old with a fever

    1. This message was just recently sent to my attention. We apologize for the delay. It’s inhumane to force anyone to undergo a medical procedure. Do you know the original diagnosis? It’s also important to know where this happened to understand the applicable laws. The first step in investigating this situation would be for a family member to request your friend’s medical records. If you can retrieve the medical records you can have them reviewed as a first step.

      Sincerely, aPatientsPlace

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