Checklist – Next Steps After a Serious Diagnosis

Last Revised:04/03/2022

By Warren Kolber, MHA

If you’ve just been told that you have a serious illness or life-threatening condition you do not need to take the journey back to health alone. In fact, this will happen to most people if they live long enough, and it happens millions of times in America every week.

Use the following steps to insure the highest quality care and best outcomes for yourself…, or click the Step-by-Step Patient Guidelines for more information;

1- Understand and balance your emotions.

2- Take control.

3- Learn about your condition.

4- Learn about your health insurance. 

5- Schedule and prepare for follow up appointment.

6- Find Support.

7- Ask questions of your doctor, specialists, other patients, and your insurance company.

8- Confirm your diagnosis.

9- Keep as many routines as possible.

10- Get and file copies of all your medical records; including doctor’s notes.

11. Consult an experienced specialist.

12. Schedule a second follow-up with your primary care to discuss treatment and care options.

13. Get second and even third opinions.

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