Symptom Checkers


Last Revised: 06/05/2018
Symptom checkers should be used to learn. They are not accurate enough to be used to diagnose an illness or condition without the consultation of a doctor. 
800-888-6337  AskMD
415-234-4124  First Derm
321-637-0321  FreeMD
415-281-3100  Healthline
800-706-9646  Healthwise
847-434-4000  Healthy Children
734-332-0612  Isabel
480-301-8000  Mayo Clinic
212-925-3700  WebMD
Last Revised: 02/19/2018

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Detailed steps, tips, and resources for diagnosing what might be causing your symptoms are provided in the Virtual Patient & Caregiver Guide published by Dr. Me, and available on

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