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Patient & Caregiver Self-Help Guide

The foundations of good healthcare are each patient’s right and responsibility to fully understand their circumstances, make choices about their care, and accept responsibility for their choices. To build this foundation patients must be able to easily connect to expert help anytime anywhere. This includes helpful people, resources, information, and services. The Patient & Caregiver Self-Help Guide and Digital Help Index  makes those connections possible.

Each Volume Includes; Step-by-step instructions, resources for help, phone numbers for free help, financial help, fundraising sources, website links, tips, and the questions you need to ask doctors, providers, and yourself.

Volume 1 – (print $7.95 / digital $1.95)

Introduction: Protecting Your Interests
You Are Your Best Advocate
Learn to Listen to Your Body
You’re Sick or Hurt … What Now?
Working with Your Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid
Accessing Free and Low-Cost Health Services

Volume 2 – Fall 2018

Finding the Right Doctors and Health Professionals
Building and Leading Your Healthcare Teams
Working with Your Doctors and Providers
Getting Second Opinions
Learning Your Treatment Options

Volume 3 – Winter 2018/2019

Choosing Treatments
Finding the Right Hospitals and Treatment Facilities
Managing Healthcare During Transitions
Managing Healthcare Costs & Finding Billing Mistakes
Drugs and Vitamins
Keeping Your Personal Health and Medical Records
Staying Healthy


While there is excellent work being done to make health care better, safer, and more affordable, there are very powerful businesses and institutions with their own interests delivering, legislating, influencing, and financing our health care. The same is not true for patients.

If our health care system was truly patient centered, every patient would have a secure and private cradle to grave medical record, we would know the cost of every non-emergency service before it was provided, we would have easy access to performance data on every health care provider, and we would be able to freely choose our physicians and providers without concern over networks.

Since that’s not the case, Dr.Me plans to develop new products and services to help patients take control of their health care choices and finances.  Join us by sharing your ideas on how we can help you.

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