Patient & Caregiver “How to…” Guide

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Introduction: Protecting Your Interests
You Are Your Best Advocate
Learn to Listen to Your Body
You’re Sick or Hurt … What Now?
Working with Your Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid
Accessing Free and Low Cost Health Services
Finding the Right Doctors and Health Professionals
Building and Leading Your Healthcare Teams
Working with Your Doctors and Providers
Getting Second Opinions
Learning Your Treatment Options
Choosing Treatments
Finding the Right Hospitals and Treatment Facilities
Managing Healthcare Costs & Finding Billing Mistakes
Drugs and Vitamins
Keeping Your Personal Health and Medical Records
Staying Healthy

Addendum List

Personal Health Record (Long Form)
Personal Health Record (Wallet / Purse Card)
Sample Letter: Request Copies of Medical Records
Sample Letter: Appeal Denial of Insurance Coverage
Facilities Obligated to Provide Free or Low Cost Care
Prescription Drug Assistance Programs
State Health Department Contacts
Common Blood Tests & Normal Results
Common Diagnostic Procedures
Gold Standard Web Sites by Category

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