National Patient Organization

If you would like to participate on an exploratory committee that will evaluate the likelihood of success of a national patient organization over the next 90 to 120 days, please leave your email along with a comment expressing your interests and/or concers. Thank you.

Executive Summary

Mission: The organization exists to improve the lives of patients, their families, and their givers throughout any encounter with the U.S. health system.

Vision: The organization fulfills its mission by offering one place that any consumer, patient, or caregiver can contact for help with any health care related problem. The organization will be led and managed by patients and their caregivers for the benefit of patients, their caregivers, and their families.

The fundamental goals of the organization are to help patients and caregivers;

  1. Thoroughly understand their options and the costs of those options given their circumstances and insurance coverage.

  2. Engage with their health care providers in shared decision making.

  3. Coordinate their care under any circumstance.

  4. Gain control of their medical records.

  5. Access information that helps them evaluate the performance of their providers.

Financial Model

Likely Revenue Sources:

  1. Member dues: $1 p/Month. $10 p/Year. ?? Lifetime

  2. Public Donations

  3. Grants: PCORI, RWJ, etc.

  4. Medical Bill Review: Shared Savings

  5. Advertising/Sponsorships

  6. CMS Reimbursement for care coordination and telehealth: $20 p/member p/month for members with comorbid conditions.

  7. Medical Record Retrieval: pass-through of provider fees

Member Benefits

Free Member Services

  1. Medical Bill Review and Dispute Resolution

  2. Library of graphic patient decision aids.

  3. Development of Patient Preferences

  4. Insurance Dispute resolution

  5. Access to Care – Problem Solving

  6. Connection to Curated Patient Communities.

  7. Multi-sourced Provider Performance Reviews and Ratings

  8. Custom content delivery; via SMS & text.

  9. Indexed patient education, information, and resources.

Member Fee-based Services

  1. Telehealth: (may be paid by insurance)

  2. Local & Virtual Health Screenings and Patient Training Events

Other Member Benefits

  1. General Q&A: Before & after appointments, before & after surgery, Before & after hospital discharge, Before & after deciding on a treatment, Before & after agreeing to a test

  2. Self-help resources.

  3. Medical error reporting tools

  4. Care and Care Team Coordination.

  5. Connections to: medical records, other patients, specialists, insurance support, clinical experts, mental health, pharmacists, labs, treatment guidelines, education, additional resources, and care team members

  6. Coordination of patient controlled medical record retrieval, storage, and use. Members pay standard provider fees under the law.