Managing & Coordinating Care

Last revised: 03/14/2019

Professional Care Managers and Social Workers in your local area are excellent sources for help. The resources below will help you find local care managers, and understand how to manage and coordinate care for any loved one.

Best of the Best

801-298-8678  National Care Planning Council
520-881-8008  Aging Life Care Association
301-427-1364  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Other Resources

202-454-3970  Caregiver Action Network
616-866-9127  Hospice Patients Alliance
877-267-2323  Medicare & Medicaid
703-837-1500  National Hospice and Palliative Care Org.
877-839-2675  National State Health Insurance Assistance Program
800-532-5274  Patient Advocate Foundation
800-366-7741  Patient Services Inc.

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