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Last Revised: 05/04/2022
Click any resource to see costs for drugs, tests, treatments and services. They are not exact prices. Make sure that any price includes “all charges” by requesting an itemized financial statement from the provider.

Compare In-Home, Nursing Home, and Assisted Living Costs in Your Area

888-866-8159  Healthcare BlueBook
855-566-5871  Fair Health
866-966-7226  Florida Prescription Drug Price Website
888-799-2553  GoodRx
850-898-1410  New Choice Health
866-840-6947  SaveOnMedical
800-974-3454  WeRx
603-862-5031  All Payer Claims Database (Select States)


Health Systems that Provide Pricing Information 

Florida – FloridaHealthFinder
Florida – Martin Health System
Michigan – Beaumont Health
Ohio – Trinity Health System
South Carolina – Trident Health
Utah – University of Utah Health


6 Steps to Calculate Your Medical Cost

Copay + Coinsurance + Any Remaining Deductible.

Step 1: Get Service Description and CPT Code® from physician or practice
Step 2: Contact Insurance Provider and use the information in Step 1 to get the insurers contracted rate for the service noted in “Step 1.”
Step 3: While speaking with your insurer get your copayment $ amount, your coinsurance percent, and your remaining deductible amount.
Step 4: Multiply your coinsurance percent by the insurers contracted rate for that specific service.
Step 5: Add your coinsurance amount to your copayment amount.
Step 6: Add any remaining deductible amount to your copayment + coinsurance amount.

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