Blood Glucose Accurately Predicts COVID-19 Severity

The Nov. 23 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine published an observational study that concluded that hyperglycemia (blood sugar level) independently predicted progression from noncritical to critical condition and death, regardless of prior Diabetes history,  among more than 11,000 patients with confirmed COVID-19, from 109 hospitals in Spain. This study informs how people admitted to a hospital even with mild hyperglycemia should be treated. Since it examines outcome by admission blood sugar level it eliminates the effect of any inpatient treatment.

Prescription Drug & Financial Assistance Programs

Last Revised: 08/16/2020

100+ medical funding sources; click or call. Plus, direct links to search for prescription drug assistance program listed on Medicare’s website, and for every State.

You can also explore medical fundraising services and how to win health insurance coverage denials.

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Best Assistance Program

1-866-512-3861  Patient Advocate Foundation

Alphabetical List of Programs

800-222-6885  AbbVie Patient Foundation  Prescription Drugs
877-621-7177  Air Charity Network  Medical Transportation
866-333-1213  Alex’s Foundation for Childhood Cancer  Childhood Cancer
800-227-2345  American Cancer Society  Cancer
855-858-2226  American Childhood Cancer Organization  Childhood Cancer
800-795-3226  American Kidney Foundation  Kidney Disease
877-768-1844  American Life Fund  Cancer
866-657-8371  Amgen First Step  Prescription Drugs
310-276-7111  Andre Sobel River of life Fund  Childhood Illnesses
855-447-7277  ARIAD  Prescription Drugs
800-477-6472  Astellas Support  Prescription Drugs
800-292-6363  AstraZeneca  Prescription Drugs 
866-505-2866  Avon Foundation  Breast Cancer
866-639-2827  Bayer Healthcare  Prescription Drugs
xxx-xxx-xxxx  All Patients
800-243-0127  Boehringer Ingelheim Care Foundation  Prescription Drugs
800-365-1336  Bone Marrow Foundation  Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplants
661-310-7940  Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund  Cancer
484-580-8395  Bringing Hope Home  Cancer
800-861-0048  Bristol-Myers Squibb Access Support  Prescription Drugs
877-509-9516  Cameron Siemers Foundation  Life Threatening Diseases
800-365-1336  Cancer Care  Cancer
760-599-5096  Cancer for College  Cancer
281-437-7142  Cancer Survivors Fund  Cancer Patients
323-578-5083  Cancer Warrior  Cancer
888-553-3500  Casting for Recovery  Breast Cancer
800-931-8691  Celgene Patient Support  Prescription Drugs
212-465-1300  Chai Lifeline  Seriously Ill Patients
800-238-6479  Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation  Childhood Cancer
516-222-1944  Children’s Leukemia Research Assoc.  Leukemia
408-844-4900  Co-Pay Relief Program  Qualified Patients 
877-336-3736  Dendreon on Call  Prescription Drugs
973-394-141    Family Reach Foundation  Cancer
303-798-2342  Friends of Man  All Patients
866-422-2377  Genetech Access Solutions  Prescription Drugs
866-662-6897  Genomic Access Program  Genetics
800-745-4447  Genzyme Patient Support  Prescription Drugs
312-322-1200  Give Forward  Medical Fundraising
844-946-3863  GoFundMe  Medical Fundraising
972-608-7141  Good Days  Medical Treatments
888-799-2553  Good Rx  Prescription Drug Coupons
866-518-4357  GSK Access  Prescription Drugs
866-318-7892  HealthWell Foundation  Under-insured Patients
880-642-8399  Transplant & Catastrophic Injuries
800-638-0742  Hill-Burton Free Hospital Care  Income Based
855-452-5234  Incyte Cares  Prescription Drugs
866-435-5677  IPSEN Cares  Seriously Ill Patients
844-553-2792  Janssen Care Path  Prescription Drugs
402-690-1230  John Atkinson Lung Cancer Foundation  Lung Cancer
800-652-6227  Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation  Uninsured & Low Income
855-669-9360  Kyprolis Assistance  Kyprolis Treatment Patients
914-949-5213  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  Leukemia & Lymphoma
888-479-5385  Leukine Direct Reimbursement  Cancer Patients Prescribed Leukine
866-472-8663  Lilly Patient Care  Cancer Drug Treatments
202-331-1770  Lymphoma Research Foundation  Lymphoma Patients
423-490-4555 MaryEllen Locher Foundation  Children of Breast Cancer Patients
425-778-8660  Max Foundation  Blood Cancers
855-257-3932  Merck Access Program  Prescription Drugs
844-664-8933  Merrimack PROVYDE  Onyvide Patients
866-835 2233  Millennium Pharmaceuticals  Prescription Drugs
440-840-6497  Mission for Maureen  Brain Tumors
314-241-1600  National Children’s Cancer Society  Childhood Cancer
800-532-5274  National Financial Resource Directory  All Patients
888-999-6743  National Marrow Donor Program  Transplant Patients
800-642-8399  National Transplant Assistance Fund Transplant Patients
800-532-5274  Uninsured & Under-insured Assistance  All Patients
800-503-6897  Needy Meds  All Patients
904-716-5394  Nicki Leach Foundation  Cancer (age 18-30)
844-617-6468  Ninlaro 1 Point  Income Challenged Patients 
800-245-5356  Novartis Patient Assistance  Prescription Drugs
855-669-9360  Onyx 360  Prescription Drugs
202-835-3400  Partnership for Prescription Assistance  Prescription Drugs
202-347-9272  Patient Access Network Foundation  Chronic & Rare Diseases
800-532-5274  Patient Advocate Foundation  Chronic & Life-threatening Conditions
800-676-5884  Patient Rx  Prescription Drugs
800-366-7741  Patient Services Inc.  Chronic Illnesses
800-253-6530  Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation  Childhood Brain Cancer
855-612-1951  Pfizer Co-pay and Savings Prescription Drugs
866-706-2400  Pfizer Rx Pathways  Prescription Drugs
877-877-3536  Pharmacyclics You & I Support Program  Prescription Drugs
516-379-8885  Pins for Pauly  Childhood Leukemia
855-991-7277  R-Pharm US Access + Support  Cancer & Chronic Immune Diseases
617-938-3484  SamFund  Adult Cancer Survivors
877-507-3731  Rx Advocates  Prescription Drugs
855-877-5346  Rx Hope  Prescription Drugs
888-847-1797  Sanofi Patient Connection  Prescription Drugs
855-473-2436  Seattle Gentetics SeaGen Secure ADCETRIS® Patients
855-777-9235  Sprycel Assistance  Prescription Drugs
888-254-3038  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital  Catastrophic Childhood Illnesses
855-260-2642  Taiho Oncology Patient Support  Cancer 
800-830-9159  Takeda Patient Assistance  Prescription Drugs
877-735-4673  Team Continuum  Cancer
877-237-4881  Teva Cares Foundation  Prescription Drugs
888-587-3263  Teva Oncology Assistance  Cancer
844-283-7276  Together with TESARO  Prescription Drugs
855-698-4223  United Healthcare’s Children’s Foundation  Childhood Illnesses
866-835-2233  Velcade Assistance  Prescription Drugs
888-489-8944  Victory Junction  Fertility
855-696-3446  Xofigo Access Connect  Prescription Drugs
855-898-2634  XTANDI Support  Prescription Drugs
877-848-4248  Yahoo Answers  All Patients
718-438-9355  Zichron Schlome Tefuah Fund  Cancer
844-998-4421  Zydelig  Prescription Drugs
855-998-4421  Zytiga Patient Support  Prescription Drugs

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Free Patient & Caregiver E-Chat



Patient Advocate Foundation

One of the very best resources of  free help and financial assistance in the U.S. Get help navigating your health insurance, accessing treatments, appealing insurance denials, and connecting to care through the Patient Advocate Foundation, or call 800-532-5274. Go to for hundreds of links to free help with your healthcare.

Coronavirus Testing Guidance for all 50 States; with or without a doctor or insurance

Last Update: March 31, 2020

Coronavirus testing

The following steps and state-by-state instructions, links, and phone numbers can help you get a test for Coronavirus Continue reading “Coronavirus Testing Guidance for all 50 States; with or without a doctor or insurance”

How to Increase Your Residents’ Community Connection to Fight Loneliness and Isolation

If your communities are like most others you have fewer visitors and your residents are not able to get out into the community as they could just a short while ago. This can cause people to feel a little isolated and lonely. The decrease in interaction with others can also impact your residents’ health.

GPS-based geofencing can connect your residents to their community and neighbors  

Here’s just one creative strategy to fight back and help keep your staff and residents connected to your community and neighbors no matter how long limited visitation and contact with others outside your community are required.  

Here are the steps…

  1. Using your CRM or other marketing tools identify the neighborhoods where your current residents used to live. Identify the areas where there is a higher concentration and make a note of the addresses. If that’s too difficult pick a few areas within a few miles of your community to start. 
  2. With any resident who is interested, take their photo and/or produce a short video (30 seconds or less) telling people what they’re doing and that they would love to hear from their neighbors in the community how their families are doing.
  3.  Using the photos and videos of your residents, and/or staff if your residents are reluctant, build digital advertisements for your geofencing campaign.
  4. Your community’s advertisements can be as simple as a photo and a call to action (CTA). CTA’s should state the action that you want the reader to take. For example, “click to tell me how your family’s doing” or “Click here to share your day and photo with me and my friends at AAA Retirement Community.” There are numerous geofencing providers. AdRoll is a leader in the space and a good choice for novices. Expect to pay about $20 to $25 per thousand digital advertisements sent to the homes and businesses you target, and a few hundred dollars more to develop the advertisements you’ll need to run the campaign.
  5. Set up a new landing page on your website so people can click on your advertisements and share their thoughts, photos, and videos with your residents. The website landing page should have minimal content with clear and simple step-by-step instructions on how to share text, photo, and/or video replies.
  6. Share the replies with your residents and staff via email and print them so they can be shared on a wall or bulletin board in a very visible place in your community.

Using technology to connect to others is an effective and low-cost way to counteract some of the challenges people are facing when combatting loneliness and isolation. In the future, I’ll share some very creative ways that video technology is being used to connect people in senior living communities of all sizes and care levels to their friends and families.    

If you need any help or additional information on setting up a geofencing program let me know. To request a demo of how integrated CRM marketing technology drives occupancy increases click here.

Otherwise, be well and stay positive!

8 Takeaways from Wuhan, China – Coronavirus

Thank you to Bill Frist, MD for sharing highlights of his conversation with three top Chinese physicians leading the Coronavirus response in China.

I’ll summarize here. However, consider watching the video shared by Dr. Frist on LinkedIn.

Lessons learned;

1. Early control of local transmission depends on rapid diagnosis and hospitalization of those with the disease. Failure to do this results in a spike in local cases.

2. Disciplined social distancing allowed for a peaking of cases in Wuhan within 10 days after first being reported. The number of new cases remained elevated for 6 days, followed by a rapid fall in reported new cases.

3. The most common feature of serious infection appeared to be fever, which was present in 98.6% of pneumonia cases reported in Wuhan. Other common symptoms included fatigue, dry cough, and muscle soreness.

4. Viral load, the measure of the virus present in the blood stream, had a direct impact on the severity of the disease.

5. COVID-19 was confirmed with two positive PCR performed one after the other.

6. Chest x-rays and CT scans were not precise in identifying COVID-19.

7. The main incubation periods, the average time from initial infection to onset of infection, in China was about 6 1/2 days.

8. No anti-viral drug has been proven effective against COVID-19. That said, trials are underway on Lopinavir, Retonavir, Remdisivir.

I encourage you to listen to the entire video on LinkedIn.

NEW UPDATEs: 3/16 – Coronavirus; (COVID-19)

Last revised: March 16, 2020
Great information on “How to protect yourself” and “What to do if you think your sick.”
Rewritten in part from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you would like to get regular updates on COVID-19 from the CDC click here, and complete the form in the left column in the middle of the page.

If you would like to learn about the Clinical Management and Treatment click here.

The Interim Guidance for Healthcare Facilities from the CDC to prepare for community transmission can be found by clicking here. Senior housing communities would be well advised to follow these Guidelines as well.

The following symptoms often appear 2 – 14 days after exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19); fever, cough, shortness of breath.

To get tested call your doctor. At this point, due to the shortness of tests, most states still require a doctor’s order to get tested.

Steps for Prevention

  1. Stay home except for medical care, and avoid public areas and transportation.
  2. As much as possible, separate yourself from other people and animals in your home. If you have contact with others or pets in your home wash your hands before and after contact and wear a face mask if possible.

Click here for additional information on preventing the spread of Coronavirus Disease in Homes and Residential Communities.

If you would like to learn how Coronavirus spreads click here.