aPatientsPlace.com Announces Free Care Coordination Trial in Denver Metro Area

Beginning Feb. 1, 2021 aPatientsPlace.com will launch the initial trial of a free health care coordination and advocacy service.

Services are accessed from any desktop or mobile device at https://apatientsplace.wordpress.com. From the home page patients, caregivers, and POAs can schedule a 15 to 30-minute phone or video call to review and discuss the obstacles that are inhibiting their ability to get integrated and coordinated health care and support services.

Clients who are accepted for the trial receive 100% free services throughout their engagement with the healthcare system. This includes, but is not limited to, help with healthcare finances, insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, access to treatments and therapies, selection of primary and specialty providers, social support, emotional health services, medical equipment, healthy living environments, connections to other patients with similar conditions, and access to available community services.

Client privacy is protected by HIPAA compliant software and communication technology with the entire care team throughout the entire process.
Once the barriers to quality health care are eliminated, or all efforts to remove obstacles are exhausted, each case is closed.

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