Safe & Quality Healthcare; 10 Tips for Patients


10 Tips for Getting Safe, Quality Healthcare


  • Be involved in all parts of your healthcare.
  • Ask questions whenever you are unsure of anything related to your healthcare.
  • Whenever possible, find out how much you will be expected to pay before appointments, tests, and treatments are started.
  • Request copies of your test results, doctor’s notes, and medical record when you check in for any appointment, test or treatment.
  • Always find out how much successful experience your health providers have at diagnosing and treating your specific condition.
  • Keep and organize copies of your medical records, test results, and interactions with all of your healthcare providers.
  • Learn as much as you can about your illness and providers from trustworthy sources.
  • Contact your insurance provider as much as needed to understand your coverage, your insurance provider’s guidelines, and your financial responsibilities.
  • Negotiate fees with doctors and treatment providers whenever possible.
  • Review your bills for mistakes.
  • Consult an experienced specialist after a serious diagnosis.

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